Rubber and Seal Engineering Services

Custom Rubber Injection Molding

Here at Mykin, the pillar of our business is built around producing completely custom rubber components and seals. From weatherstripping extrusions to food-grade silicone molds like bumpers and grippers, we have an extensive history of custom rubber injection molding. No matter what shapes, quantities, colors, or materials you are looking at - we will be able to complete your custom injection molding requirements.

We can mold components that resist the harshest chemical present in your application, or produce FDA-compliant food-safe silicone. Alternatively, if you don't know the solution to your problem - we can design and manufacture one for you! We are primarily a manufacturing company that has recruited and retained engineers familiar with rubber components and that have years of experience with CAD and custom designing. Feel free to send us your technical drawings - or talk to our friendly sales staff if you are looking for a solution and need some guidance in the right direction.

Engineering/CAD Capabilities

Our expertise is in providing you a truly engineered solution to your problem. No matter how big or how small the customer, we will work with you to determine the requirements of your application.

We have full engineering and CAD capabilities. Contact our seal engineering services staff and send us your drawings or solid models in any number of formats and we will design a complete set of seals into your assembly. You can be assured that any design that comes from Mykin will have been completely analyzed and when required, we will provide full engineering reporting and presentation of results.

Finite Element Analysis

Mykin, Inc. is one of only a very few seal companies that understands the importance of rubber engineering analysis. When your design requires a complete solution, our engineers will work with your staff to:

  • Determine the required application parameters
  • Conduct a full Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Examine the seal deflection and loading
  • Provide a technical report and/or presentation of the results

FEA on rubber designs are non-linear in stress-strain curves. Thus, the tools that are required are powerful and Mykin's engineers use it to support our customers in ways that our competitors will tell you is not necessary. When your application is critical and it can't be wrong, Mykin can help.