Products - Custom Seals

Three samples of high performance mechanical seals that are made of spring energized PTFE material

Spring Energized Seals - PTFE composite custom seals that are used in extreme conditions where temperature, pressure, performance, and/or chemical compatibility are required for a seal.

Cap Seals - O-ring energized PTFE cap seals offer longer wear life and higher performance in dynamic situations compared to only an o-ring.

Oil Lip Seals - Elastomer-lipped seals that ensure sealing performance in oil media while maintaining low friction and flexibility for any possible eccentricities in shaft design.

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various custom molded rubber parts that mykin has manufactured

If you need custom molded rubber, then we are your source. Whether you need rubber bonded to metal, or even fabric reinforced rubber, we offer custom made seals for any application.

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Standard AS568 Red O-ring, Blue O-ring, and Black O-ring designed on CAD depicting mykins molding capability

Mykin, Inc. offers a full-range of custom, made-to-order sizes, as well as standard AS-568 sizes.

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