O-ring Installation Guide

Welcome to our O-ring Installation Guide section

The diagram below which can be downloaded in PDF shows good tips on how to properly install an O-ring. The first O-ring installation procedure is to lightly coat the O-ring seal with lubricant that is compatible with your system. Secondly, if necessary, cover any sharp edges upon installation to avoid cutting or damaging of the O-ring seal. If you are installing a backup ring, a good tip is to make sure it is installed on the low pressure side of the system, that way the high pressure side of the system pushes the O-ring against the backup ring. Upon installation of the O-ring, make sure there is uniform stretching of the O-ring and do not just pull only on one side of the O-ring. Minimize the installation stretch of the O-ring to less than 50%. Lastly, after installation of the O-ring, make sure that the seal is not twisted in your O-ring groove or gland.