O-ring Design Guide

Welcome to our O-ring Seal Design section

This O-ring seal design section will give you step by step instructions on how to design a seal or rubber part for your application. Consider this a rubber guide or O-ring guide in helping you find the exact rubber material and size you need. Some parts of this online rubber or O-ring design guide can be downloaded in PDF but everything can just be printed directly from our website for your use.

Step 1

Choose your rubber properties by going to our O-ring Material Guide section.

Step 2

Make sure that the material you choose will withstand the temperature of your system by going to this rubber temperature range chart.

Step 3

Choose the correct hardness for your application by going to our rubber hardness chart.

Step 4

Design and dimension the groove that your O-ring will go into by researching our O-ring Groove Design guide.

Step 5

Choose a standard size AS568 O-ring using this O-ring Size Chart. Otherwise contact us and we can custom mold any size or shape O-ring you need.