MH7 O-ring Loaded Lip Seals

MH7 PTFE O-rings Design

Mykin O-ring loaded PTFE Lip Seal
  • Sealability: Medium
  • Wear: Medium
  • Friction: Medium
  • Use: Added O-Ring Performance

The Mykin High Performance MH7 seals are O-ring loaded lip seals. These PTFE O-ring seals make use of O-rings to energize and activate the sealing surface instead of metal springs. This teflon cap that surrounds this O-ring is similar to a PTFE encapsulated O-ring, except that the MH7 has superior wear qualities due to the amount of PTFE available for wear. In dynamic hydraulic or pneumatic applications, this O-ring loaded piston seal or rod seal is ideal to use when the O-ring alone will wear too quickly. It must be noted that the O-ring material must be compatible with the environment of the application.