Mykin High Performance Mechanical Seal

High Performance Mechanical Seals

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Spring Activated Seals - Spring energized PTFE seals or Teflon seals are used in extreme conditions where temperature, pressure, performance, and/or chemical compatibility are required for a high performance mechanical seal. We offer standard size industrial hydraulic and pneumatic shaft seals as well as custom made mechanical shaft seal sizes for your application. Our spring seals comprise of designs MH1 - MH6. Use the navigation to the left of this page to find the exact seal you are looking for. Or contact us for help for your application.

Cap Seals - O-ring energized PTFE cap seals offer longer wear life and higher performance in dynamic situations when compared to only using an O-ring. An O-ring lip seal design is superior due to the wear qualities of PTFE compounds.

Oil Lip Seals - These rubber shaft seals are industrial hydraulic seals that ensure sealing performance in oil media while maintaining low friction and flexibility for possible eccentricities in shaft design.