Stack of rubber grommets in purple EPDM, yellow nitrile, green Viton, red silicone and blue butyl rubber

A rubber grommet is an excellent product to use to seal and insulate around holes cut in solid panels. They can also dampen vibration and protect whatever object that needs to penetrate the solid panel. 

Diagram showing how to properly size grommets 

There are two ways to size your grommets. You can tell us the panel thickness, hole cutout size and the size of the object that will go through the panel and let us design the proper sized grommet.  Or you can give us the dimensions of the grommet. See picture above for the dimensions you will need to provide. Keep in mind when designing these grommets, there will need to be some interference between the "panel hole diameter," and the panel hole.  The "panel thickness" can be the same thickness as your panel.  Also, the ID of the grommet should also have interference to the object you are sealing. That way it creates a seal.

Let us know the environment your rubber grommets will be used for and we can custom mold your grommet to the exact size and material you need.

For our standard off the shelf grommets, we offer SBR Rubber with a temperature range of –56° to +200° F. For high temperature rubber applications, we recommend using fluoroelastomer or Viton materials which has a range of 10° to 450° F.  

Standard Hardness for grommets are usually 50A - 60A durometer.

Again, keep in mind that no two applications are the same. Let us know what you need and we will custom mold and compound your grommets to make sure they work for you.